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Falcon 2000 Thrust Reverser Latch Switch/ Harness Breakout

Test Box P/N F2TR7833-30


This test unit is primarily used for troubleshooting the Thrust Reverser Latch Box Switches and harness installed in the Thrust Reverser electrical circuit when the thrust reverser is unable to deploy or retract in the proper sequence.

No access to the throttle system or FADEC circuits is permitted with this test unit.


The Falcon 2000 Thrust Reverser Latch Switch/Harness Breakout Box Test unit is designed to provide access for ease of troubleshooting, adjustment and servicing of the actuation control latch box microswitches* installed in actuator section of the thrust reverser.

By connecting the test unit's test connectors to the inboard and outboard thrust reverser connectors at the engine/thrust reverser firewall and manually operating the doors (see illustration), the technician can view the system operation via the indicator lamps on the test.

The test unit incorporates lamps and pin jacks for both visual operation indications and the ability to check voltage on each contact for the upper, center, lower and deploy switch contacts.

The manufacturer's Maintenance Manual Chapter 78 provides detailed instructions on the check-out methods for the Thrust Reverser system.




Instruction Placard

"Reference Dassault Falcon 2000 Maintenance Manual Chapter 78-00, for Testing and Adjustment of latch and unlatch switch contacts"

"Lights on this test box are an indication of switch actuation"
Green Lamps should be on in the "Stow" position (click here for photo)
Amber Lamps should be on in the "Deploy" Position (click here for photo)

Resistance of individual switch contacts can be checked by shutting power "Off" to the test box and using an ohmmeter from power common to the respective switch pin jacks.

Tester operates on an AC Power Supply or four internal "D" cell batteries.

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