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Adapter Cables

Specific Breakout Box Adapters

F900 TR Adapter Cable & Overlay

Falcon Adapter Cable Table
Falcon 900 Adapter Cables
Falcon 50 Adapter Cables

  • P/N PCT50900-AH1525 - Cable Adapter Set provides adaptation of the 50-Pin Breakout Box to 15 and 25-Pin ERCA modules.
  • P/N PCT50900-HSRCB-1 - Horizontal Stabilizer Cable Set provides adaptation of the 50-Pin Breakout Box to the Horizontal Stabilizer Relay circuits and Windshield Heat circuits. Falcon 50 & 900
  • P/N PCT50900-AH5700 - Wing Disconnect Adapter Cable Set provides adaptation of the 50-Pin Breakout Box for the Falcon 900 wing circuits.
  • P/N PCT50900-AH3241
    37 pin to 50 pin adapter cable set for testing and trouble shooting of Bleed Air System Computer (BASC) on the Falcon 50EX, 900EX and 2000EX and the Brake Steering Control Units on the 2000 as well.
  • P/N HA-SPBB3
    Reference Falcon 900 Functional Test of Pitch Arthur Control System Operation Code: 273071. Three (3) cable set mates with the 50 Pin breakout Box allowing for efficient testing and troubleshooting.
  • P/N F2-6SW55-HA
    Reference Operation Code 271256 and Work Card 27-108. Our adapter cable mates with the 50 pin Breakout box built by Hart Aviation or Dassault.
  • P/N PCT50900-7800-1
    Adapts to the 50 Pin Breakout Box and is designed with two long leads with one connector for each of the main connectors 101KR and 102KR, located under the top and bottom TR Stangs. The Adapter Cable comes complete with an overlay that shows the contact layout for each of the actuator switches allowing for quick and efficient trouble-shooting.
  • Harness built to your specifications to adapt Breakout Boxes to aircraft systems.
  • We have added an adapter cable P/N F2000GF/50GF which adapts the F2000-3260-27 (F2000 & 900) to the Falcon 50 aircraft

Applicable to Breakout Boxes built by Hart Aviation Consulting and the Aircraft Manufacturer

Falcon Adapter Cable Table

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