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Falcon 50 Series Breakout Boxes and Test Equipment

50-Pin Breakout Box
                    Breakout Box
P/N PCT50900-50
  • Provides access to 50-Pin ERCA modules for quick troubleshooting and testing (see photos *1* and *2*).
  • Provides access to 15 and 25-Pin ERCA modules with optional Adapter Cable.
  • Eliminates requirements for separate breakout boxes.
  • Adaptable to multiple aircraft systems with optional adapter cables.
  • Dimensions: 7"X 9"X 2"
Applicable to the Falcon 10, 20-5, 200, 50/EX, 900 Series and 2000 Series aircraft

Falcon 50 AOA Sensor Breakout Box
AOA Sensor
                    Breakout Box
P/N F50-278011-HA
AOA Sensor
                    Breakout Box
  • Check of AOA Sensor Electrical Zero Per Operation Code 278321
  • Meets Specific Breakout box requirements with connector called for on Card 27-718.
  • Long Cables permit easy access for one or two person operation.
  • Reference ATA 27-80-11
  • Connector Part No. 01COR3450A18-01SN7
Applicable to the Falcon 50/EX

Brake Bleeder Kit
Falcon 10, 50, 50EX and 900B
Astra and Astra SPX

The AS-301 Brake Bleeder Kit consists of a combination of high pressure hose, pressure gage and needle valve.  These components are combined to simplify the process of bleeding, troubleshooting and verifying the function of the Falcon brake system. The AS-301 is supplied in a rugged box for convenient storage or shipping.

Ruggedized Box

Needle Gage

AS-301 on Astra

AS-301 on Falcon 50

GCU Circuit Breakout Box
  • Provides capability for the functionality test of the generator voltage monitoring system.
  • Satisfies the requirements for circuit access per the Falcon 50/50EX 24-304
  • Permits easy access to GCU circuit for troubleshooting.
  • Multiple applications (21-Pin Circuit Breakout).

GCU Breakout Box
P/N F1050GCU-24182
GCU applicability Falcon 10, 20, 20-5, 200, and 50/50EX

Landing Gear Proximity Switch Tester

P/N F900PST-3200

  • Quick and convenient attachment to connectors
  • Uses internal or external power source.
  • Indicator lamps for visual check and binding jacks for external connection to multi-meter.
  • Compact size for portability.

Applicable to the Falcon 50/EX, 900 Series and 2000 Series aircraft

Ground/Flight Simulator Set

  • Provides for quick and efficient diagnosis and testing of electrical circuits.
  • Permits ground/ flight simulation of individual landing gear proximity sensors.
  • Long cable permits operator to select sensor position from the cockpit.
  • Eliminates the requirement to reset faults generated from maintenance actions (Aircraft on jacks/ power on).

P/N F50GF-3200-3
Applicable to the Falcon 50/EX aircraft

Horizontal Stabilizer Electro-Magnetic Brake Cut-Off Box

P/N F10A-274008

  • Provides for testing of amperage draw on horizontal stabilizer Normal Motor Brake per Chapter 5 requirements.
  • Designed for ease of use.
  • Compact for portability (Dimensions 5"X 3"X 2").
    Note: not applicable to the 900EX

Also applicable to the Falcon 10, 20, 20-5, 200, and 900

Horizontal Stabilizer Relay Breakout Box
  • Applicable to Falcon 50 and 900 series aircraft.
    Note: not applicable to the EX Model Falcons
  • Provides breakout circuit capability for the Horizontal Stabilizer Relay Circuits and the Windshield Heat Circuits.
  • Satisfies requirements for Work Card 307.0

P/N HSRCB-50-26
Also applicable to the Falcon 900

Telescopic Tube Test Set

P/N DA-50/900/2000-30

  • Leak testing of Slat Telescopic Anti-Ice Tubes.
  • Satisfies the requirements of work cards:
    • Falcon 50 Card 429.0/1
    • Falcon 900 Card 30-108
    • Falcon 2000 Card 30-104
  • Storage container included.

Applicable to the Falcon 50/EX, 900 Series and 2000 Series aircraft

Horizontal Stabilizer Fairing Tool
  • Removal and installation tool for the Horizontal Stabilizer Spring Loaded Fairing.
  • Equivalent to the manufacturer's supplied tool.
  • Replacement parts are also available for worn or damaged tools currently in service.


Applicable to the Falcon 50/EX, 900 Series and 2000 Series aircraft

Anti Skid Test Unit

  • Reduced manpower requirements for operation
  • Fine control of drive motor speed
  • Digital speed read-out
  • Internal protection against frozen transmitter
  • Adapts to other aircraft
  • Extra long cables
  • Compact control box measures 5" high, 10" wide, and 8" deep
  • Box may be used on the hangar floor or in the cockpit
  • Easy set-up and tear-down

P/N AS-100

Also applicable to the Falcon 10, 20, 200, and 900/EX

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