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Falcon 50 Adapter Cables

  • Horizontal Stabilizer Cable Set
    P/N PCT50900-HSRCB-1
    Adapts 50 Pin Breakout Box to Horizontal Relay and Windshield Heat circuits for testing and troubleshooting (Falcon 50 & 900).
  • Falcon 50 Flap Asymmetry Adapter Cable
    P/N F50-27-287
    Adapts to 50 Pin Breakout Box and provides access to flap position transmitter for voltage adjustment per Falcon 50 Maintenance Manual procedure 287.0
  • Falcon 50EX Bleed Air System
    P/N PCT50900-AH3241
    37 pin to 50 pin adapter cable set for testing and troubleshooting of Bleed Air System Computer (BASC).
  • We have added an adapter cable P/N F2000GF/50GF which adapts the F2000-3260-27 (F2000 & 900) Ground/Flight Simulation Test Set to the Falcon 50 aircraft

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