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IAI/Westwind Breakout Boxes and Test Equipment

Brake Bleeder Kit
Falcon 10, 50, 50EX and 900B
Astra and Astra SPX

The AS-301 Brake Bleeder Kit consists of a combination of high pressure hose, pressure gage and needle valve.  These components are combined to simplify the process of bleeding, troubleshooting and verifying the function of the Falcon brake system. The AS-301 is supplied in a rugged box for convenient storage or shipping.

Ruggedized Box

Needle Gage

AS-301 on Astra

AS-301 on Falcon 50

1124/1124A Flap Comparator Test Box (P/N JD1124001)

Flap Comparator Box
P/N JD1124001

  • Allows technician to complete the required flap comparator system test as called for in the 800 hour “C” inspection.
  • Built in accordance with IAI 1124/1124A Westwind Maintenance Manual 27-50-00.
  • Set encased in a sturdy, portable carrying case with latched top.

1124/1124A Flap Microswitch Test Box
(P/N JD1124002)

Flap Microswitch Box
P/N JD1124002

  • Allows easy rigging of the switch racks when actuators are replaced.
  • Aids in troubleshooting flap position problems.
  • Easily ties in between airframe and switch rack.
  • Packaged in a sturdy case

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